Leadership Committee
Julia Gray ’97
Ann Malabre ’81
Alessandra Phillips ’92
Valerie Wagner ’83

Advisory Committee
Elizabeth Bates ’87
Larry Bouchie ’79
Shari Brinkman-Young ’76
Hannah Sessler ’15

Mission Statement
We believe that the Exeter community will be strengthened by the Academy’s acknowledgement of the harm that has occurred to sexual misconduct victims and reconciliation with alumni whose lives have been inextricably altered by their experience.

We believe that Exeter has the responsibility to create pathways for healing, consistent with its charter to instill the highest morality in its students, in this case by setting the example for taking accountability and doing its best to remedy the harm caused.

PATH pursues this mission by encouraging and working with Exeter’s leaders to:

Engage in a comprehensive, independent investigation of all reported instances of past misconduct fully and objectively. This should include adult to student harm as well as student to student instances.

Fully acknowledge the sexual misconduct, abuse and mishandling of sexual misconduct that has occurred at Exeter.

Report on these investigations in a manner that is both transparent and respectful of the victims’ choices, to the entire school community.

Hold accountable those who perpetrated, tolerated or covered up instances of sexual harm with the understanding that not doing so further feeds into a unhealthy culture that perpetuates the problem.

Cultivate a culture at Exeter that promotes appropriate respectful sexual education, responsibility and awareness.

Develop policies and procedures at Exeter to prevent sexual abuse and promote equal access to choice and consent.

Develop policies and procedures to appropriately handle issues of sexual abuse in ways that acknowledge and respond with trauma awareness should it occur.

Provide healing opportunities to those who have been affected which are easily accessible and will not re-victimize those who have already experienced harm.

We welcome alumni involvement to further our mission.

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