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If you believe that you have information that will benefit the public’s understanding of sexual misconduct at PEA you may send files to our email address. Please redact files that contain sensitive information. We will not publish the names of victims (without their written permission) or the names of alleged perpetrators.

Documents relevant to August, 2018 PEA Reports of Sexual Misconduct

PEA-community-letter-March-2-17_1 year update

The Exeter Study, circa 1993. A study of student life genially complied by then counselor by Michael Diamonti. Discussion of student life on campus and statistical calculations of interest, including forcible sex (8%) and number thinking they have been sexually abused (10.5%)

News: Alumni survivors create Phillips Exeter reporting site, Seacoast Online, FEB 22, 2018

News and Audio: Phillips Exeter Alumni Create Reporting Website for Sexual Assault, Misconduct, NH NPR, FEB 28, 2018

PEA-community-letter-March-2-17_1 year update

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