Survey Responses

If you are a survivor of misconduct at Phillips Exeter Academy, please fill out the brief anonymous survey on page two of this website. Survey responses will automatically roll to this summary page.

Your report is important. It will help us, the greater alumni community, administration, and especially the self-selected trustees, understand the harm that has occurred on campus through the decades.

The survey contains no text fields, or any other response option that might inadvertently identify you. IP addresses are not stored with responses either.  However, if you would like to take the further step of leaving no traceable digital fingerprint, you can do this by filling out the survey with a public access computer, like those found in a library.

We have licensed our work on this website with Creative Commons under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) . You have our permission to copy and customize our work for non-commercial uses.

It is our fervent wish that this effort would be reproduced in every academic setting, work place, and other community that is struggling with the power imbalance that exists between victims reporting their harm and the institutions who control the release of the data. If you are a community advocate looking to replicate this effort, the Copy Us page will walk you through our steps.

We have included several additional pages of information on this website, including current financial resources for victims and alumni support groups. We have also created an Exie Leaks page for information we believe should be in the public realm.


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  • Email Notice

    We welcome your emails to admin[insert “at” symbol] for any reason. However, please be aware that emails to individuals do not carry the confidentiality protection you would share with your attorney.

    While we would never voluntarily disclose any information, be cautious about what you share by email, as it could be vulnerable to legal subpoena.